Art in Times of Crisis. How are Creatives Coping with Lockdown? Episode 3

Art in Times of Crisis. How are Creatives Coping with Lockdown? Episode 3 Even without a live audience, she performs in the Philharmonic Hall: Cornelia Lanz at the traditional concert in the Gasteig GMG/Benedikt Feiten

The first moments live on stage after months of lockdown will likely be unforgettable and felt intensely. When this will happen, nobody knows. Despite the enforced pause, we remain in close contact with many creatives and listen to their concerns, especially in view of the lockdown. Here, they talk about their current situation, hopes and plans.

»Culture is relevant to happiness! I want politicians to feel our power and help culture through this crisis, especially at the local level.«

Cornelia Lanz is a vocal soloist and has been the head of the cultural department of the city of Lahr since October 2020. An unforgettable Gasteig experience for the singer was the traditional Christmas Eve concert in the Philharmonic Hall, albeit to an empty auditorium due to the pandemic.

How are you doing?
In March of last year, when all of my 17 Passion and Easter concerts had been cancelled, I applied for a new position as head of the cultural department in Lahr in the Black Forest. We’ve been here since October and, with a great team and a good budget, I’m looking forward to promoting culture in this beautiful city and even »running my first theatre «. For the summer of 2021, I have devised an artist-in-residence programme in a villa in the Stadtpark, which is keeping me busy networking a wide range of artists and disciplines: mini operas, alphorn making workshops, overtone singing and inclusive ballet ...

What do you long for?
For grand, romantic opera performances where lots of people get together, SINGING, going out for a meal with friends, SINGING, short trips to France, SINGING, holding conversations without a mask, SINGING, seeing my team laugh, SINGING, hugs, SINGING, meeting with people and that my young son can finally see his grandparents again!

Vocal soloist Cornelia Lanz
© Wilhelm Betz

What bothers you?
I find it very scary the way the coronavirus is pushing us apart. We are forced to remain in our bubbles. During the influx of refugees, I consistently worked on enabling intercultural encounters. I am convinced that culture connects people beyond language and religion. All that falls away now and as a result conspiracy theories, falsehoods, half-baked »knowledge« and right-wing thinking flourish.

What are your plans for the future?
There are some roles I have always dreamt of singing. Other than that, I’m very happy in my new position right now, creating and shaping culture together with the city. We want to be transcultural and inclusive and get young people involved. Our visions include large participative opera productions , local cultural activities in Lahr’s various districts and that every child in the city visits the theatre and the museum once a year.

»Culture is not just ornament, but rather the foundation on which our society is build.«

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Interview and text by Maria Zimmerer

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