Dance Fans Wanted for Dance Karaoke Project

Dance Fans Wanted for Dance Karaoke Project Lisa Rastl

If you’re in the mood to bust some moves to your favourite song, then join us to film the dance karaoke project with renowned dance artist Willi Dorner.

Dance karaoke takes the concept of song karaoke and transfers it to dance. You choose your favourite song and dance to it at a location you choose – from your living room to the forest to a public building, anything goes – in front of Willi Dorner’s camera. The dance artist then uses the recordings to create film dance clips, which will be played in October 2022 during the opening of the Münchner Volkshochschule adult education centre in HP8 – when visitors will have the opportunity to copy your moves. What’s great is that literally anyone can join in, so be part of a fabulous dance experience!

If that sounds exciting, then this is how you can join in:

Email the following details by Saturday, 19 June 2022 at the latest to name, age, address, phone number, song and where you want to dance. Dancers will be selected from all the entries and invited to a filming session between 20 and 22 June. Please note that the finished films will be shown in public and will include your first name. Your invitation to filming will include a consent form for you to sign to that effect.

Distancing measures will apply during filming and participants will be kept to a minimum. If you are being filmed in a public place, please be mindful of others and observe the coronavirus measures that are valid at the time (3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested), face mask, distancing).


The dance karaoke evening in Gasteig HP8
The MVHS event in October at the Gasteig HP8 will invite visitors to choose their favourite clip from the pre-recorded films. The clips will be projected onto a large screen so that people can dance along and a DJ will be present at the dance evening.

Tanzkaraoke live

The dance karaoke project aims to revive the old tradition of people dancing together. As well as works for the stage, international dance artist Willi Dorner from Vienna also creates formats that allow the public to experience a nuanced perception of everyday life. More information is available here.

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