Digitalanalog 2020 Festival – Streamed Live from the Gasteig Broadcasting Studio

Digitalanalog 2020 Festival – Streamed Live from the Gasteig Broadcasting Studio This time via live stream: Gasteig festival atmosphere at Digitalanalog 2019 Benedikt Feiten

The makers of Digitalanalog have decided to allow only online audiences onto the festival grounds in 2020. Visuals and concerts from the halls and foyers of the Gasteig will be broadcast live and free of charge on 16 and 17 October 2020! Six questions for Claudia Holmeier from Digitalanalog.

Why are you completely dispensing with an on-site audience at the Gasteig this year?
On the one hand, we wanted to give all our visitors access to the festival; on the other, we wanted to preserve the character of the festival, the ability to wander and look about, around the halls, and discover something new. Moreover, the current uncertainties did and still do not allow us to plan the event with an on-site audience.

What can visitors to the virtual festival site expect to find there?
Our goal is to offer, wherever possible, five parallel streams from the Gasteig broadcasting studio. Users can log in online and watch the concerts, appearances and performances live, some of which will take place at the same time. They will be able to look in on every stage and »walk« around the festival site. (Digitalanalog-timetable and pdf-programme)

Have you made any changes to the line-up in view of the online nature of this year’s Digitalanalog Festival?
We have so many outstanding artists here in Munich and in the region that we were able to put the entire programme together only with regional musicians. This decision has helped us avoid any possible problems due to travel and hotel booking restrictions, etc. right from the start.

A further trademark of the festival has been the exchange with local creatives. Is this also possible in 2020?
To this end, we are working with several presenters this year, who will hold interviews and explain the structures and intentions. Also on board will be SchneidersBüro/alex4 and Tomeso/Arturia, who will come specially to present new developments in the fields of synthesizers, audio and video production.

What do you wish for yourself and the online audience of the Digitalanalog Festival 2020?
As always, we wish our guests that they experience many new things, discover new music for themselves and that our artists find a new clientele. All participating artists are outstanding, otherwise we would not invite them.

Anything else you want to say? Go ahead …
We are hoping for many, many online visitors. The musicians and the VJs are looking forward to the festival, as you can see from their comments and contributions on the festival website. It is heartening that they can once again show their skill and creativity before an audience. Despite the challenges – this time we need a dedicated broadcast direction, many cameras and other equipment that we don’t normally have to worry about – it is as always a pleasure to work with the Gasteig team on getting the Digitalanalog festival underway. We are very much looking forward to 16 and 17 October 2020!

For detailed information about this year’s online-festival, including the line-up, visit the Digitalanalog website.

Interview and text: Maria Zimmerer
Photos: Benedikt Feiten


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