From Shell to Auditorium: Images of the Construction Site

From Shell to Auditorium: Images of the Construction Site New impressions of the interim quarter Kathrin Metzner / GMG

Since the topping-out ceremony in October, a lot has happened at Gasteig Sendling: Increasingly, the shell of the Interim Philharmonic Hall is looking like a concert hall. But before the opening concert, scheduled for autumn 2021, the property at Hans-Preißinger-Straße will witness plenty of further change and development. Our photos show a few impressions of the interim quarter, going back to autumn 2020.

Good audience seating is a science: As well as numerous test sittings, the seats of the Interim Philharmonic Hall will be subjected to their very own soundcheck. They must not create too much noise when the seats are folded up and down, and the right upholstery – both filling and lining – helps optimise the hall’s acoustics to ensure an outstanding concert sound regardless of audience size. If all goes to plan, up to 1800 people will take their seats in the Interim Philharmonic Hall at Gasteig Sendling from autumn 2021. Star acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, responsible for the hall’s acoustics, is also involved in testing the »silent sound« of the seating.

The stage floor of the Sendling Philharmonic Hall is being made of Alaskan yellow cedar – a very special wood with an amazing property: Because it is particularly soft, it can »heal« quickly, returning to its original shape when scratched or indented, for example by cello spikes. Over the coming months, the walls and ceiling of the Interim Philharmonic Hall will be clad with acoustically optimised LENO cross-laminated timber. These are made from a total of about 1300 m³ of spruce wood, with the largest elements measuring 32.9 m² and weighing 4.5 tonnes. They were produced and prefabricated in the ZÜBLIN Timber factory in Aichach.

If you are planning to take a walk through Sendling soon, why not make a detour to the Gasteig Sendling construction site? As the weeks go by, Munich’s new cultural powerhouse is gradually taking shape. And our digital picture gallery will also continue to grow ...

You can find more information about the interim quarter Gasteig Sendling at (website in German only).

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