GAiA – Bars and Restaurants at Gasteig HP8

GAiA – Bars and Restaurants at Gasteig HP8 The wonderful outdoor terrace of the »GAiA« restaurant is one of the highlights of Gasteig HP8 gmp Architects

The new HP8 site is designed to make visitors want to linger and enjoy the atmosphere and restaurateur Florian August and his team will ensure that they can have the perfect food and drink. »GAiA« will open its doors in Hall E this autumn with a bar and reading cafe »Deli & News«, followed by the restaurant and its terrace by early 2022 at the latest.

Nourishing both body and soul

Inspired by Gaia, the Greek goddess who personified the Earth, the choice of food and drink focuses on sustainability and on regional and organic products. Florian August, the man responsible for »GAiA«, explains the thinking behind the new cultural and gastronomic concept.

Picture shows Florian August
Florian August is Managing Director of August GmbH, which operates restaurants including »Mona« in the City Hilton.

In your experience, how important is good food for culture?

Requirements have changed significantly in recent years. These days, bars and restaurants have to reflect the concept and quality of the cultural institutions, with the aim of further enhancing the time visitors spend there and their experience. In addition, well-designed and professional locations can actually entice people who aren’t particularly culturally aware to visit cultural institutions. We want our offering at GAiA to meet these complex requirements.

The HP8 site brings together culture, learning provision, studios, craft workshops and more to create a mixture with widely diverging needs. How do you handle that?

Somebody who works and eats here every day will want fast food that’s value for money but still with plenty of choice. Somebody who wants to gift their loved one a front-row seat for a concert in the Philharmonic Hall as a wedding present, on the other hand, is looking for something out of the ordinary, with appropriately excellent service and an intimate, relaxing atmosphere. What’s crucial is being able to distinguish carefully between your target groups and then design the bars and restaurants accordingly. The main challenge is definitely giving everyone who comes through the door a suitable and authentic experience as part of a coherent overall concept. We believe that the various elements within GAiA do just that.

We know that the community in Sendling is genuinely excited about the arrival of the new bars and restaurants. What have they got to look forward to?

We are convinced that we can offer an interesting gastronomic experience that will really add to the area. We’ll have a wonderful outdoor terrace close to the water, as well as an airy restaurant with seasonal menus that are largely based around regional ingredients but still rooted in the cosmopolitan and modern city of Munich. We’ll also have a deli in collaboration with the City Library, which will be a reading cafe and a cosy, relaxing oasis of comfort. In Hall E, the eye catcher will be a well-stocked bar offering fresh salads, smoothies and more during the day, with a real bar atmosphere in the evenings. With affordable prices and friendly service, we’ll definitely enhance life in and around Sendling.

Have you already found a favourite spot in HP8 while you’re involved in all the planning?

At the moment, that’s a bit of an unfair question because nothing is finished yet. On the other hand, I’m excited about every aspect of GAiA and I can hardly wait for everything to get started. Perhaps I’m most likely to be on the great sun terrace with an espresso from our street food area, watching the hustle and bustle and daydreaming as I look out towards the Flaucher park, before daily restaurant life pulls me out of my happy place after what feels like just 30 seconds ...

Interview: Heike Braun
Copyright Portrait: August GmbH

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