Gasteig HP8 and Isarphilharmonie for the first time: What are visitors saying?

Gasteig HP8 and Isarphilharmonie for the first time: What are visitors saying? The Gasteig architects with Max Wagner (front) celebrate: Tobias Jahn, Julia Große Frie, Anna Mochnac, Georg Glas, Benedikt Schwering, Gülsah Szilasi (from left to right) Robert Haas

The Gasteig HP8 has opened its doors: One concert highlight chases the next in the Isarphilharmonie, the Open Library fills Hall E with life and the entire site is never short of surprises. What a new start, what exciting times! Breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to what’s to come, we asked visitors what they thought of Gasteig HP8?

Star pianist Daniil Trifonov
© Robert Haas

»This Hall is amazing! I am astonished by what they have achieved for 40 million Euros. With capacity for almost 2000 people, it is incredible that with a budget of 40m the Isarphilharmonie is fully equipped and already at the highest level; they sacrificed nothing. Yasuhisa Toyota did the acoustics. It sounds excellent in rehearsal – and with an audience it sounds even better. With an audience it is fantastic. People around the world should know thet there is this great new auditorium in Munich.«
Daniil Trifonov, pianist at the opening night and many other concerts, on

The Isarphilharmonie is amazing!

»It was a tremendous acoustic experience with a special atmosphere in the new, largely black room. I also sensed a bit of euphoria among everyone present, that after such a long time  the spell has been broken: finally we can freely enjoy culture again. A sensational evening!«
Ursula Faulstrom, with family and friends at the opening night

Christiane Pfau © Heike Braun

Garden-like architecture

»The whole time I thought I was in a clearing in the woods, with an idyll before me. The dark auditorium has an incredible warmth and the golden surface of the stage shines amazingly. The Isarphilharmonie is such a cosy space, you just don't want to leave. Its architecture is like a garden, like a stage set in the theatre.«
Christiane Pfau, after the premiere at the Isarphilharmonie

»It is a sublime feeling to experience the opening here. We could have had all this much sooner; as the former Gasteig managing director, I fought for it for years. But it happened in the end and I'm very happy!«
Brigitte v. Welser, former Managing Director of Gasteig München GmbH

Brilliant acoustics

Music aficionado Santiago
© Heike Braun

»I like the Isarphilharmonie very much, the sound was unusual at first, very clean, brilliant and transparent at the same time. Never before in a concert hall have I been able to identify each instrument group this clearly, regardless of their volume. Of course, a sound must always mature. I am really looking forward to the next concerts.«
Santiago, audience member at the opening concert and passionate music listener

»This morning I was already here at five o'clock. I must admit, I was a little worried that once I was sitting in the concert and my adrenaline level went down I would either fall asleep or start crying. It turned out much better than I ever expected. I am very happy, relieved and tired.«
Andreas Schmidt, Site Manager of Gasteig HP8

Admissions pro Tasja Tesche-Marschall © Heike Braun

A thrilled audience and musicians

»Luckily, I was able to listen to the opening concert. I liked it a lot and all the people as well as the musicians thought it as wonderful, I gathered. I've been working in the admissions department of the Gasteig for about 30 years now and it's rare that you get only positive feedback like today. The audience was thrilled!«
Tasja Tesche-Marschall, admissions staff at the opening concert

»The Isarphilharmonie is fantastic! We had a few rehearsals before the opening concert, as the hall is totally new for us musicians. As a horn player, I can hear everything very well, so I don't have to make so much of an effort.«
Matias Piñeira, Principal Horn of the Munich Philharmonic

»For once, I was not available from 4 PM on Friday, but dressed up for the concert instead. It's great, even sensational, as Lord Mayor Reiter aslo said in his speech. I'm really glad to have the Gasteig as my neighbour!«
Dominik Senjak, tyre dealer and Gasteig HP8 neighbour

Dr Michael Ott © Heike Braun

»It's absolutely great, fantastic to see how the foyer of Hall E works. The acoustics are brilliant, as if you were sitting right next to the music. You can also sense that the musicians are thrilled about the space. I am really very, very happy!«
Dr. Michael Ott from the Munich Department of Arts and Culture

Gives you goose bumps!

»It was quite overwhelming in many ways: a great new old cultural venue, the first major cultural event after one and a half years of corona; it gives you goose bumps!«
Clara Holzheimer, director of the cultural centre LUISE

Winners Julia und Henrike © Heike Braun

»We laughed, we cried and we could finally enjoy live music again. An evening that was long overdue! The differemce between Hall E and the Isarphilharmonie couldn't be greater. Finally, Munich has something cool; it should dare to do something like this more often! Gasteig HP8 is really something special.«
Julia und Henrike, ticket winners of the Gasteig newsletter competition

Missed the opening?

Your can watch the opening concert of 8 October 2021 in the ARD-Mediathek (until 6 January 2022).
Enjoy, and see you soon at Gasteig HP8!

More impressions from the unforgettable opening night of the Gasteig HP8 with Isarphilharmonie and Hall E

Interviews: Maria Zimmerer
Photos: Robert Haas, Tobias Hase, Heike Braun, Benedikt Feiten

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