Gasteig Sendling – Photo Art in Episodes (8)

Gasteig Sendling – Photo Art in Episodes (8) Simone Stadler photographs surprising scenes in Gasteig Sendling. Gérard Pleynet

They arrived even before the first excavator: several amateur photographers who have been documenting the Sendling site ever since construction work began there. They are participants in a long-term photographic project of the Münchner Volkshochschule community college. In a public exhibition consisting of several episodes, we will present a selection of their photographs to date.

Simone Stadler is a self-confessed fan of the Gasteig. She likes to spend time in the arts centre because many people of different backgrounds and interests meet here – in a communicative public space that has few equals in Munich. Whether for a specific arts project or without specific intention, Simone Stadler feels at home in the Gasteig and can relax here.

How does a Gasteig fan react when her arts centre moves to new, temporary premises? Simone Stadler is already watching the emergence of the interim quarter through the lens of her camera. In her photographs, the IT specialist rediscovers Gasteig Sendling time and again:

»I am interested in things that arise from the construction site’s own momentum. Suddenly, they are there, perfectly naturally, as if they were put there for an installation and carry a metaphorical meaning. That’s fascinating. A kind of random object or work that comes into being. When I return a few weeks later, the scenery is gone.«

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The project »Interim – der Gasteig kommt nach Sendling« is a special cooperation between the Münchner Volkshochschule and Gasteig München GmbH on the occasion of the relocation of the Gasteig to Sendling in 2021. The »Photography & Video/Film« faculty of the Münchner Volkshochschule has developed this course in close cooperation with the photographer and lecturer Gérard Pleynet. »I have a very close affinity to the Gasteig. For me, it is a place of art and intellectual life, and I also work here. That’s why I am interested in documenting changes in time and space throughout its relocation and the renovation work,« emphasizes Pleynet, who supervises the interim project with unparalleled dedication and but aims to create a photographic record of the Gasteig’s renovation.

Under his supervision, several photographers have been documenting the changes in the Gasteig’s interim quarters from as early as March 2019 – always with an artist’s eye on the construction work. Like Simone Stadler, all course participants have developed their own concepts, perspectives and artistic ideas.

Episode 1 – Jacqueline Tebcharani
Episode 2 – Andreas Weimann
Episode 3 – Kathrin Bild
Episode 4 – Helmut Wegmeth
Episode 5 – Maximilian Allwein
Episode 6 – Thomas Zimmermann
Episode 7 – Emily Hoyos

Text: Maria Zimmerer
Photos: Simone Stadler (picture gallery), Gérard Pleynet (portrait/title motif)

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