Half Time for »Türmer München« and Start of Final Bookings

Half Time for »Türmer München« and Start of Final Bookings

It’s been six months since »Türmer München« – the Munich Vigil – was launched at sunset on 12 December last year. Since then, 365 participants have stood vigil over Munich for a total of 21,900 minutes.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the first 172 were unable to hold their Vigil in the specially erected Shelter on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall as originally planned. Instead, they spent their hour without mobile phones, cameras or other distractions at home or outdoors in a restful place of their own choosing. That made it no less of a wonderful experience for them because – let’s face it – when do we ever take a whole hour to stand in one place to observe and contemplate the world out there?

Christophe Aumaitre
»At first, I was really quite scared of spending a whole hour just looking out of the window and doing nothing! But then I was amazed at what the world out there has to offer if you just take the time ... An hour of solitude, with only one’s thoughts for company ...«

Marianne Wille 
»The sky above the Gasteig is the same as that above our house, and I feel very much connected to the world. Up on the Gasteig I might have felt more lonely and at the same time more excited; here, everything was familiar and yet new in its intensity. I feel content and happy throughout.«

Markus von Armansperg
»The Vigil was unexpectedly beautiful. I was with myself and with the world at the same time, without distraction from supposedly more important things. Thank you for this gift!«

The Vigils can take to the roof

On 8 March, the time had finally come: »Türmer München« can take place in the purpose-built Shelter on the roof of the Gasteig. Since then, 193 people have stood vigil above the roofs of the Haidhausen district and enjoyed the amazing view over the city. Their recorded emotions and impressions were wide-ranging.

Katrin Habenschaden
»The mood was dramatic. Dark clouds, lashing rain, interspersed with bright rays of sunshine. Thoughts abated. The cars below very loud, because of the wet roads. The Münchner Kindl pointed westwards. That’s also where my gaze wandered. I sat, I stood. I wasn’t bored, not for a second. Drama weather. Very grateful.«

Kwoh-Hung Luong
»But just a few moments were enough to forget the world around me. The longer I looked out over Munich, the more I forgot myself. And suddenly I started to sing. Quietly at first, then ever louder. I know it’s all about quiet and conscious awareness of the view, but I couldn’t help it. It was as if I had simply let go.«

Rita Wittmann
»It was a very special experience. I am still struggling for words to describe this hour that still resonates within me. It was not long for me, this hour. A lot happened, outside, from the initially hectic, pulsating life below me, until, bit by bit, calm unfolded, the people moving more slowly.

For further impressions, visit the blog.

As Türmer München goes into its second half, further places are available


It’ll be another six months before the final Vigil takes their place in the Shelter for their »Türmer München« performance at sunrise on 12 December 2021. We can already say that this is a truly unique project!

And you, too, can still take part: From 1 July at 10 AM, you can register for participation between September until the end of the project on 12 December at It pays to be quick, though: Last time, all places were taken within 13 minutes of going online!

We are looking forward to the second half of »Türmer München« and plenty of further Vigils’ accounts of unique experiences, views and moments!

Photos © Christian Pogo Zach

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