Heart of Gasteig Sendling – Hall E in Pictures

Heart of Gasteig Sendling – Hall E in Pictures Roof gable of Hall E Herbert Stolz

Hall E is the centrepiece of the Gasteig’s interim quarter in the Sendling district. After the move, the listed transformer hall will serve as the central foyer as well as housing the library and a gallery, among others. The photographer Herbert Stolz was on site for the department for heritage conservation and documented the imposing hall from an artistic perspective.

Herbert Stolz © Claudia Wenz

Born in 1960, photographer Herbert Stolz lives in Regensburg and specialises in architectural photography, photographic documentation of listed buildings and aerial photography. Commissioned by the Bavarian department for heritage preservation, Stolz paid a visit to the Sendling site to record the hall’s condition before being repurposed by the Gasteig. His photographs provide an artist’s view of the Stadtwerke München utility’s former transformer hall.

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