Live Images from the Gasteig Sendling Construction Site

Live Images from the Gasteig Sendling Construction Site

The work at Gasteig Sendling – the site that will be the arts centre’s temporary home during the renovation work on its main building – is moving along, and thanks to the live image cameras on the site, you can follow the progress yourself.

In the last weeks, the concrete foundations for the future Philharmonic Hall were laid. They will later hold the main structure of the concert hall. Next door, the roof of the listed transformer hall is currently being re-roofed, after which the renovation of the glass roof will begin. Everything is running on schedule.

As on most building sites, work is also continuing at Sendling. Our health and safety coordinator has established rules of conduct and hygiene for the site, which all workers and site visitors are expected to follow. You can follow the progress of the building and renovation work here: The image  below shows the current situation at the construction site.

This is what the building site looks like right now:











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