Munich in Bloom – The Flower Power Festival is Coming in 2023, with the Gasteig in on the Act

Munich in Bloom – The Flower Power Festival is Coming in 2023, with the Gasteig in on the Act Hot off the press! Soon, you’ll see the motif of Munich’s Flower Power Festival everywhere.

It’s official: In 2023, Munich will have its first city-wide flower festival! Launched jointly by the Gasteig, Kunsthalle München, the Botanical Gardens and BIOTOPIA, the 2023 Flower Power Festival celebrates nature in the city!

Taking place from 3 February to 7 October 2023, anyone can take part in this event, from large organisations and cultural institutions to parks, small associations and private initiatives. The starting point of the »Flowers in Art and Culture« themed festival is the Flowers Forever exhibition, which will run from 3 February to 9 July 2023 at the Kunsthalle München.

Let’s have your ideas!

Munich’s 2023 Flower Power Festival is all about bloom and blossom, both literally and figuratively. Science, sustainability, plant and biodiversity, gardening, climate change, aesthetics and quality of life are just some of the possible subjects for exhibitions, workshops, walks, plays, installations and more. Taking place indoors, outdoors and online, the creative possibilities are endless.

The initiators of the Flower Power Festival Munich 2023 (for names see end of text) © Robert Haas

»Truly anyone and everyone can take part; that’s very important to us« says festival director Anna Kleeblatt, who is calling for potential partners and ideas for the eight months long floral frenzy. »Besides participation, inclusiveness will play a key role in this first instalment. We see the festival as an opportunity to raise people’s awareness of the issue while also providing an opportunity for as many as possible to participate in cultural activities.«

On the subject of inclusiveness, the organisers are offering the festival’s programme partners their own workshops. Anna Kleeblatt says »We hope that this will give rise to sustainability initiatives that will help shape our society in the long run«.

Join in right away, by collecting and drying flowers

Why not join in right away? Here’s just one example of where we need you: The British artist Rebecca Louise Law needs no fewer than 200,000 dried flowers for her »Blossom Floor« installation, which will be one of the highlights of the Flowers Forever exhibition at Kunsthalle München, which will open on 3 February 2023. To complete her installation, she relies on the engagement of the people of Munich by joining in this major community project to collect and dry flowers. You can deliver your flowers to the Kunsthalle from 25 March 2022 until the autumn.

»We will send Munich into a floral frenzy! Together with a host of participants, we want to build on the success of the Faust Festival and once again put on a thrilling programme for the whole of the city. Gasteig HP8, Munich’s latest arts centre directly on the river Isar, will be the festival centre and platform, while of course providing some attractions of its own.« Gasteig boss Max Wagner

For detailed information on the Flower Power Festival 2023, visit

Photo © Robert Haas (from left to right): Anna Kleeblatt, Festival Director; Max Wagner, Managing Director of Gasteig München GmbH; Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit, Director of Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Gardens; Dr. Roger Diederen, Director of Kunsthalle München; Dr. Nina Möllers, Head of BIOTOPIA Lab and Events

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