Open to Change! Welcome to the Open Library at Gasteig HP8

Open to Change! Welcome to the Open Library at Gasteig HP8 Kathrin Metzner / GMG

Along with the Gasteig, a large part of Munich’s municipal library has also moved to Sendling. In the listed Hall E, visitors will find inspiration daily from 7 AM to 11 PM, because, spurred on by the move, the library has repositioned itself: The Open Library in the Gasteig HP8 offers space for compelling experiments. The grand opening will be celebrated from 19 to 21 November.

Bild zeigt Regale
Flexible shelves and surfaces provide inspiration © Benedikt Feiten

You can read all the info about the Corona rules of the opening weekend here (in German).

Roll up, roll up, to Hall E! Flexibility & freedom for users

In Gasteig HP8, the library functions as an »Open Library«: open to the public seven days a week from 7 AM until 11 PM, it serves as a meeting place for learning, reading, working, exchanging ideas and perusing.

Profile of the new library in Gasteig HP8:

  • Open Library – open daily from 7 AM to 11 PM
  • Service hours Mon to Fri 10 AM to 7 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM
  • 60.000 items: music CDs, sheet music, books, films, newspapers, magazines and more
  • New focus areas: Music, Language and Lifelong Learning
  • Cosy reading reading café: GAiA Deli & News
  • Open MusicLab for sound recording, media booths, Sonic Chairs and electric pianos
  • Attractive learning oases, the LernLab learning lab and work areas
  • Exciting events for all
  • »Generator« event space: from noisy children's area to quiet retreat for introspection
  • »Projektor« cinema and lecture hall on the ground floor
  • And of course: expert advice


The library's boss in the Sonic Chair: Dr Arne Ackermann © Münchner Stadtbibliothek / Marco Zielske

»I am particularly excited about the participatory labs, which are something completely new for the Munich Public Library. And since our work environment has become much more mobile and flexible, I am looking forward to a desk on the gallery right at the top in Hall E: Overlooking the library and with a view of the Isar river, I expect creative work and planning will be even easier up there.«
Dr Arne Ackermann, Director of the Munich City Library

Building for constant change

Advising the Munich City Library was Jan David Hanrath of the »Ministerie van Verbeelding«, the Dutch designers' »Ministry of Imagination« collective, who jointly use their knowledge and imagination to help libraries and other cultural institutions make their plans for the future reality. Hanrath sees the library in Gasteig HP8 as a place that motivates to think out of the box and as an incubator for new ideas. »In the coming years, society and individuals' needs will change faster than ever. That's why we must build for change,« says Hanrath.

Bild zeigt Regalschlucht im HP8
Gasteig HP8 stocks 60,000 library items © Benedikt Feiten

Space for experimentation on the pulse of the times

The rooms of the library in Gasteig HP8 were designed to maximise flexibility, allowing a media presentations and events to be held in a wide range of formats. The furniture is made of reusable materials sourced from the transport and packaging industry and can be flexibly arranged. The Generator is a true chameleon: In a flash, it transforms from a quiet work area into a large, noisy event space. And the library's music section with its sizeable stock of multimedia items as well as electric pianos, a MusikLab and Sonic Chairs also invites visitiors to explore. Once again, the Munich City Library lives up to its claim of always being on the ball, be it in short-lived trends or important social issues.

Save the Date: From 19 to 21 November, the library in Gasteig HP8 celebrates its opening!

The Gasteig and its institutes celebrate their new start in HP8 for all of six month, with special cultural events ranging from classical concerts to open VJ sessions. The official opening weekend of the library in Gasteig HP8 will take place from 19 to 21 November 2021. Here, you can download the programme flyer (pdf). All events in the inauguration programme will be announced here.

Bild zeigt die Leiterinnnen der MSB im HP8 und Motorama
Happy library directors (left to right): Waltraud Leitmeier (Motorama, deputy), Bettina Wolff (HP8, deputy), Michaela Gemkow (Motorama), Birgit Wimmer (HP8) © Benedikt Feiten

Poetry, Clubbing, speed dating and more: 3 insider tips for the opening

»A highlight of the opening weekend at Gasteig HP8 will undoubtedly be Friday night, when Hall E will be transformed into a club. Dancing through the library to the music of the WUT collective – it'll be awesome!« Details on the event on 19 Nov at 10 PM
Birgit Wimmer, new director of the Munich City Library in Gasteig HP8

»What I'm looking forward to most on the library opening weekend at HP8 is the musician speed dating on Sunday: the perfect opportunity for finding like-minded people to sing, play and jam together with.« Details on Dating on 21 Nov at 8 PM
Bettina Wolff, Deputy Head of the Munich City Library in Gasteig HP8

Opening gift from the University of Music and Performing Arts with a difference: Concert with eight double basses in Hall E
With nimble fingers, the double bass class of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich will fill Hall E with the big sound of eight double basses. An initiative of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) as part of the opening season. Details about the concert on 21 Nov at 7 PM

The other City Library location: Gasteig Motorama

The City Library has another interim branch in the Ladenstadt Motorama shopping centre, right opposite the Gasteig in Haidhausen. The main focal points of the Motorama branch are Family, Gaming and Digital Learning. You can discover the colourful new premises at Motorama on the opening weekend from 26 to 28 November 2021. Flyer for the opening programme (pdf) at Gasteig Motorama

Text: Isabella Kratzer, Isabella Mair
Photos: Benedikt Feiten and Kathrin Metzner / Gasteig München GmbH; Munich City Library

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