Respect! Lead singer Laura Glauber on strengths and stumblings

Respect! Lead singer Laura Glauber on strengths and stumblings Lilac is a favourite colour on stage for Laura Glauber and her band Lauraine – symbolising emancipation and diversity. Laila Bierling

The Long Night of Music on 7 May will see impressive women delivering powerful performances on three stages at Gasteig HP8. They include the band Lauraine fronted by musician Laura Glauber, who takes centre stage along with her prosthetic leg. She was born with her right leg 40 cm shorter than the left, so wearing the medical device is second nature for her.

Laura, as the lead singer and prosthesis wearer, you are a highly conspicuous member of the band. Was appearing on stage like this as an artist a big step for you?
When Lauraine started up in 2020, we didn’t actually think about intentionally playing the inclusion card. My guys are so sociable and laid back that my prosthetic leg has never been a big thing. But when we could perform live again after Covid-19, it suddenly became a subject for discussion when we were deciding what to wear on stage. I then decided with my head and my heart to be completely open about it.

Musician Laura Glauber is laid back about her prosthetic leg © Frank Lübke

How was your first live performance and what outfit did you choose to wear on stage?
I wore a short skirt for our first live gig last summer in Nuremberg, so people couldn’t help but notice my prosthetic leg – the height of the stage meant that it was right in front of them. I think it’s really important to show that it’s fine to stand on stage like that without having to conform. And it feels cool to be fighting for emancipation and equal opportunities at the same time.

Do you make any special preparations for performances to avoid trip hazards?
I go and look carefully beforehand at where I’m playing and what I need. On one occasion, the stage was really high and we had to quickly find a beer crate for me to step on to get up there. Apart from that, I always keep a close eye on all the cables, because I don’t always notice right away if I snag one of them.

When it comes to making culture accessible, where and how should we start?
I get the impression that people still think that you should have a helper if you have a disability. A much better approach is to take everyone’s needs into consideration right from the start, so that advocates and carers aren’t needed at all – that would be the ideal situation. Personally, I don’t feel disadvantaged and that’s what integration is actually about. It would be great if lots more people were able to feel like that.

The Long Night at HP8 will have a host of female artists performing on all the stages. What’s been going on in the Munich music scene there?
Around two years ago, I think, lots of female artists seemed to start coming out of the woodwork here in Munich. We’re all part of a strong community; we meet around the place at various events, we party with each other and we interact on social media and in groups. And so many of these women are confident in themselves, that’s so cool to see. Maybe this is the perfect time to be on stage as lead singer.

Is there anything you want to get off your chest? A message from woman to woman, for everyone?
Just do your thing, people! Work on your own strength – for yourselves and for those who aren’t yet perceived in the same way. Whether you’re male, female or non-binary, don’t let anyone tell you how to do things. You can only grow and develop if you try things and do what you want to do. And don’t forget to respect everything that’s out there!

Bright and powerful: Laura Glauber, lead singer of band Lauraine © Laila Bierling

Profile of Laura Glauber

  • Born in Munich in 1994, where she grew up
  • Born with her right thigh missing (resulting from a condition known as dysmelia: a congenital disorder of a limb)
  • Parents’ profession: music teacher
  • Initially wanted to be a makeup artist, NOT a musician
  • Studying jazz vocals at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich
  • Dreams of splitting her time between Munich and Berlin
  • Side jobs: community manager, cashier at techno club Blitz and culture management facilitator for young artists
  • Motto: We can do it!


Laura Glauber will perform with her power pop band Lauraine on 7 May from 10:40 PM in Hall X at Gasteig HP8. All details on the programme and artists for the Long Night of Music 2022 are available here.

Interview and text: Maria Zimmerer

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