Strings Wanted! Play Along with the Munich Philharmonic

Strings Wanted! Play Along with the Munich Philharmonic MPhil

Here is your chance to play along with the string quartet of the Munich Philharmonic. Under the title #MPhilminus1, the orchestra’s »Spielfeld Klassik« team has created quartet recordings with one voice missing. Just pick up your violin, viola or cello and play the missing part to the video.

String players who have always wanted to play with the Munich Philharmonic now have the unique chance of fulfilling their dream in a virtual setting.

You are welcome to record your play-along performance and send your video or audio recording to or post it to the Munich Philharmonic’s Facebook or Instagram page, hashtagged #MPhilminus1. Have fun with the Munich Philharmonic and Mozart!

In the first video, musicians of the Munich Philharmonic play the first movement of Mozart’s »Divertimento in D major« for string quartet: Odette Couch (1st violin, assistant concertmaster), Clément Courtin (2nd violin), Wolfgang Berg (viola) and Sissy Schmidhuber (cello). In each of the four subsequent videos, one of the voices was omitted, so that you can take over the part on your own instrument.

Ready? Here is the sheet music (as pdf) for 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello, complete with the musicians’ strokes and fingerings.


First violins, take up your bows!


If you prefer to play the second violin part, use this recording:


Viola players, click here:


And if the cello is your instrument, play along to this video:


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