The Competition Results Are Out – Gasteig’s Temporary Sendling Home is »Gasteig HP8«

The Competition Results Are Out – Gasteig’s Temporary Sendling Home is »Gasteig HP8« NÜSSLI Gruppe / Manfred Jahreiss

The die has been cast. Gasteig’s temporary site at Hans-Preißinger-Straße in Sendling will be called »HP8« and Munich’s new philharmonic hall will be the »Isarphilharmonie«.

While the original Gasteig is undergoing renovation, a temporary home for the largest cultural centre in Europe is being created in the Sendling district of Munich. The interim quarter features a unique blend of culture and education, old industrial buildings and modern architecture, sophistication and subculture. Munich City Council came up with the idea of getting the public involved in choosing names for the site and the philharmonic hall being built there and the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich has now announced the result.

Inspired by the address Hans-Preißinger-Straße 4-8, the site as a whole will be called »HP8«. Gasteig will be known as »Gasteig HP8« while it is based there and the new philharmonic hall will be the »Isarphilharmonie«.

»HP8 is quick and catchy and it highlights the feeling of community with the creatives, start-ups and craftspeople already based there. When we add that to what Gasteig offers, the result is an attractive and unique blend«, says Max Wagner, Gasteig’s Managing Director. »As well as Gasteig HP8, visitors can also access our services at the Motorama complex while the original Gasteig is being renovated.«

The call for suggestions for names received a grand total of 1893 responses; 1477 for the site itself and 1347 for the philharmonic hall. Before being laid before the City Council’s Culture Committee, these suggestions were discussed by juries made up of representatives of the following: the factions on the City Council, the Sendling district committee, the city’s Department of Arts and Culture and its bodies, Gasteig München GmbH, and the users already based on the site. After clarifying whether any user rights were involved, the selected names were then confirmed and the competition winners notified. Prizes were awarded to the seven entrants who suggested HP8 and the 139 who submitted the name Isarphilharmonie. The city of Munich also thanked the Isar Philharmonie München e. V. association for its willingness to share its name with the new philharmonic hall.

In autumn 2021, the Gasteig will move temporarily to the Stadtwerke München (HP8) site in the Sendling district of Munich while the original complex in the Haidhausen district is being renovated. The site will be the home of the Munich City Library, one of the main bases of the Münchner Volkshochschule adult education centre, the Munich Philharmonic and part of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich for the next few years. In addition, the Munich Chamber Orchestra will become a new Gasteig partner organisation in the future and will help to shape its programme, joining the numerous other cultural operators who are already involved.

To facilitate all this, existing buildings are being converted, new structures added and the Isarphilharmonie linked to the listed former transformer hall that will serve as a foyer and open library, providing knowledge around the clock. And that’s not all; the Gasteig buildings are encircled by studios, creative workplaces, workshops and rehearsal rooms, giving the whole area a real buzz. The grand opening of »Gasteig HP8« will take place on Friday, 8 October 2021.

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