The Gasteig Relocation has Started: The Public Library’s Stock is Moving

The Gasteig Relocation has Started: The Public Library’s Stock is Moving Several running metres of books have already arrived in Oberschleißheim. Munich City Library

Before the renovation of the Gasteig can begin, the building in Rosenheimer Straße must be cleared. The stack room of the Munich City Library in the Gasteig is no exception: Since the end of August, three van loads of books a day have been making their way to a former printing works in Oberschleißheim. During the move, some titles may be temporarily unavailable.

The library’s stack room in the basement of the Gasteig currently extends over four floors, with 800,000 items, sorted by size to save space, occupying a total of 10,000 square metres of storage space. Since the Munich City Library will of course also be refurbished in the course of the Gasteig’s renovation – with open spaces, meeting areas, »concentration niches« and round-the-clock lending – its entire stock must move before refurbishment work can begin.

Until 2021, 360 shelving metres of media will be moved every day while the library continues its running business – a logistical feat that needs careful planning. To ensure that library visitors are not unduly affected by this sizeable operation, the project team, led by library manager Carolin Becker, drew up a detailed plan ahead of the move. Instead of packing individual books, entire shelves are loaded in one go, using carts of various sizes that have been designed especially for this purpose. These essentially consist of bars mounted on wheels, onto which the entire shelves are placed. First to be moved were the less popular media, with the most frequently lent items being relocated at the very end. This means that the sought-after books will be available again as soon as the stack room in Oberschleißheim takes up operations. This is scheduled for February 2021, by which time the entire stock will have moved to Oberschleißheim and can be borrowed again.

Library manager Carolin Becker is relieved that the move finally got underway after such a long period of planning and is looking forward to the day when all media will have found their place in the stack room of the New Gasteig. Being separated from our stock is not easy, Becker admits: »The move feels as if parts of the library are being amputated. A colleague aptly described the stock as the library’s paunch: There is no harm in losing a little weight now and again, but it is hard to part with it. And within reason, corpulence speaks of the pleasures in life and provides security in times of scarcity.«

To take a look around the stack room before its move, visit the city library’s Facebook page, where you can take an absorbing and informative video tour of its several floors. For up-to-date information about lending, see the Munich City Library’s website.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a trouble-free move of all 800,000 lending items!

Photos: Munich City Library
Text: Maria Zimmerer


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