Urban Culture – Gasteig HP8 in Sendling

Urban Culture – Gasteig HP8 in Sendling Gasteig HP8 – the Gasteig’s interim premises in Sendling gmp Architects

»HP8« and »Isarphilharmonie« – these are the names of Gasteig’s temporary site and Munich’s new philharmonic hall at Hans-Preißinger-Straße in Sendling. Stephan Schütz from architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) uses current visualizations to describe what the public can look forward to in the »Gasteig HP8«.

»The character of Gasteig HP8 in Sendling is shaped by the dialogue between old and new. I see the juxtaposition of working life and culture in the same location as a contemporary response to the issue of how culture is embedded in our society. The new buildings are temporary guests that occupy gaps in the site’s structure. Some have a very specific use – the concert hall, for example – while others, like the modular structures, are extremely flexible«, says Stephan Schütz from architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), who also shares more details with us about the context and vision that informs the architecture of Gasteig HP8.

Hall E – the heart of Gasteig HP8 © gmp Architects

The HP8 site  
»The first step was to implement infrastructure and technical measures across the site to create the framework for the new buildings. We created streets and loading bays for public access and deliveries, along with areas designed to encourage people to linger there. And the density of the existing and new buildings is an advantage here, as it creates an urban framework with views of nature.«

Hall E: the heart of HP8
»Whatever happens to the temporary modular structures and the Isarphilharmonie once the Gasteig renovation is complete, one thing is certain. Restoring and redesigning Hall E has given Munich a world-class public space, with open galleries that bring together culture, education and science in a fresh and visual experience.«

Hospitality deck: the perfect meeting point
»Right at the heart of Gasteig in Sendling, Hall E is bordered by three new buildings. The space between Hall E and the Isarkanal is where urban and natural landscapes intersect and is intended as a hospitality area and meeting point for everyone who visits HP8 to work, learn or immerse themselves in culture.

View from the stage in the Isarphilharmonie © gmp Architects

»The design of the Isarphilharmonie references the industrial nature of the area, with façades and galleries featuring roughly worked materials including steel, glass, concrete and wood. The modular design of the auditorium in dark painted wood creates a distinctive effect and focuses the audience’s attention on the stage. Thanks to the outstanding collaboration with Yasuhisa Toyota and his team, I firmly believe that the acoustics they created will receive great acclaim in the international musical community.«

Stairways to Heaven
»Any architectural transition between old and new invariably creates a unique liminal space and this is certainly true for the stairways that are positioned in a glazed link between Hall E and the Philharmonic Hall. I look forward to being able to get up close and experience the concrete and brick outer walls of the listed building from within the space once everything is completed after three years of planning and construction.«

All the visualisations from Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) are available here:

Stephan Schütz from gmp © Katja Strempel

The architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) are an architectural practice that was founded in Hamburg and has branches worldwide. With a generalist approach and more than 50 years of experience, they complete projects on all scales and in all cultural contexts, working on all continents.

Stephan Schütz was appointed Partner at gmp in 2006 and heads the offices in Berlin, Beijing and Shenzhen. His most important cultural projects include the Grand Theatres in Qingdao and Tianjin, the National Museum of China in Beijing, the conversion and refurbishment of Dresden’s Kulturpalast, the conversion of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (the Berlin State Library) and the refurbishment of the auditorium at the Kiel Castle Event Centre.

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© all visualisations: gmp Architects

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