The Gasteig from A to Z

On this page you find information and regulations for your visit to the building and the site of the Gasteig. Do you have questions or comments? Any praise, criticism, or suggestions? Then feel free to write to us!

Gasteig München GmbH

Rosenheimer Straße 5
81667 Munich
Phone: +49 (0)89. 48098-0
Fax: +49 (0)89. 48098-1000

Phone: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Information desk Glashalle (Glass Hall): Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 8:30 PM

You can also use our contact form



GMG – Gasteig München GmbH
MPhil – Münchner Philharmoniker (Munich Philharmonic Orchestra)
MVHS – Münchner Volkshochschule (Munich Community College)
MSB – Münchner Stadtbibliothek (Munich City Library)
HMTM – Hochschule für Musik und Theater (University of Music and Performing Arts)
KR – Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München (LHM) (Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich)
BR – Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting)


Children's events / Youth protection

At the Gasteig, many events for children are run throughout the year. The Gasteig München GmbH especially cares about compliance with the law for the protection of children and youth. Please note that every child, regardless of their age, must have their own ticket and therefore their own seat. For reasons of health and safety it is not possible to raise the height of the seats at any event. In the interests of your child, please pay attention to any age restrictions mentioned on the ticket.


Cloakroom / Baggage Deposit

For your safety and for the protection of all visitors (e.g. to ensure emergency escape routes or fire protection measures), certain rules for handling coats and baggage apply during all events at the Gasteig.

The following items are not allowed into the event halls:

  • Jackets and coats (unless worn in the event halls)
  • Bags, rucksacks and other items more than 42 x 30 x 12 cm in size
  • Umbrellas
  • Bulky objects such as children’s seats, bicycle helmets or purchases
  • Instruments, laptop computers and any other valuable items that can be easily damaged

Please do not take any food or drinks into the halls and always follow the instructions of the attendants. We also ask you to use the secure cloakrooms at the Gasteig!

In Gasteig Haidhausen, you will currently find a cloakroom in the Glass Hall on the 1st floor.

In Gasteig HP8, there are cloakrooms and lockers in Hall E on the ground floor (EG) and on the mezzanine floor (ZG Zwischengeschoss). The cloakrooms are only open during events in the Isarphilharmonie. Please take into account the cloakroom assignments (depending on seating areas) on site. Cloakroom fee: € 2.40

In Hall X, there are free coat racks in the foyer of the hall.  Independent of events, for example for visitors of the Munich City Library, free lockers are available in Gasteig HP8. A 1- or 2-euro coin is required for use.



With the exception of guide dogs, dogs are not allowed on the premises. For short periods they can be kept tied outside the building. In the areas outside the building dogs must be on a leash.


Dress code

Generally speaking, you are suitably dressed for a concert of classical music if you wear a suit, dress or costume. But there are all sorts of events at the Gasteig – and there is no dress code. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.


Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking is absolutely forbidden in the concert and lecture halls. Please do not take any food or drink with you when you attend an event.


Evening Box-Office / Tickets

The box office opens one hour before each event. The box office for the events in the Isarphilharmonie and the other rooms of the Gasteig HP8 is located on the ground floor of Hall E at the ticket counter. The box office for the Gasteig halls at Rosenheimer Platz is on the ground floor of the Glass Hall.

For most lectures of the Munich Adult Education Centre and events in room 0131 (ground floor) in Haidhausen, tickets are sold outside the hall door.

You can find further information, including details about registering for events of the Münchner Volkshochschule, on this page.


Event organisers

Each individual organiser is responsible for the form and content of the event. The name of the organiser is given in brackets at the end of the entry for each event.

You are interested in renting a hall for your event? Or looking for a special location for your filming or photoshoot? For more information on booking, questions and enquiries, please contact


Free events

Please note that access to free events will be granted only as long as seats are available.


Information about our programme

Unfortunately, detailed information about some events taking place at the Gasteig is only available in German. We apologise for the inconvenience. For any questions you have about these events, please do get in touch with us at or fill in our contact form.

Please notice our up-to-date changes and announcements.


Lost property

If you have lost something during your visit to the Gasteig, you can phone us on +49 (0)89. 48098-0 or send an e-mail to


Opening Times

The Gasteig HP8 is open daily from 7 AM to 11 PM. The Gasteig in Haidhausen is open daily from 8 AM to 11 PM. The opening times of the Münchner Stadtbibliothek Am Gasteig (Munich Central Library Am Gasteig) are displayed on the homepage of the City Library.


Photography, filming and sound recording

It is generally not permitted to take photographs or to make film or sound recordings during the events. For professional filming and/or photography at the Gasteig a film or photography permit is required. Please contact us for further press information.

You can also rent locations for your filming or photoshoot at the Gasteig. For more information on booking, questions and enquiries, please contact

Shopping at the Gasteig

Come to »Kochkultur« to find not only current kitchen utensils, but also extraordinary items like ginger graters, scoops or hand-made ceramics. And besides from cookware, there is an interesting selection of original cook books, i.e. by Sophia Loren or Ingo Holland. Suiting your favourite cook book, you can purchase spice blends and special types of oil and vinegars. Chocolate with blueberries, drinking chocolate with cinnamon blossoms and extravagant jam creations complete the multi-varied culinary offer. Get a taste for it at »Kochkultur«!

Wireless LAN

The Gasteig and Gasteig HP8 offer visitors free WLAN access via the provider »Hotsplots«. The network »Gasteig Hotsplots« is available in all the public Areas and can be used without any time limit. After selecting the network with a mobile terminal device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) users are automatically connected to a registration page. There they will find the conditions of use, which have to confirmed in order to be able to use the WLAN. It is not necessary to enter a name, address or e-mail address. If no data traffic takes place for a period of ten minutes or longer, the connection is automatically terminated. It can be restored by registering again.

Welcome to Gasteig, Germany's largest centre of culture and education! In order for every visitor to be able to enjoy their time here, please make sure you adhere to the following rules and regulations. Thank you!

I. Preface

The Gasteig building and its grounds are private property. The House Rules and Regulations are valid for all of Gasteig's rooms, spaces, and grounds, insofar as the owner's or occupier's rights do not belong to the respective tenants. The House Rules and Regulations can also be enforced by persons who are authorized by Gasteig München GmbH (hereafter: GMG), and the directions from these authorized persons must be followed unconditionally.

II. Rules and regulations applying to persons inside the Gasteig building and on its grounds

1. Please behave in a manner that doesn't disturb or endanger other visitors.
2. It is not allowed for unauthorized persons to be in the areas that are especially reserved for the employees and staff of the institutions located in the building and the visitors to these institutions.
3. Escape routes cannot be blocked. It is not permitted for persons to remain in the stairways for a long period of time. The designated evacuation routes should be used in dangerous situations. Misusing or abusing safety devices (for example, emergency buttons, evacuation door unlocking devices, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
4. Due to safety reasons (keeping evacuation routes free and clear) and in considerateness of all visitors, coats, jackets, and large bags are not permitted in the auditoriums. There are guarded cloakrooms in the Philharmonie auditorium and in Glashalle (for a fee).
5. It is not permitted to sell goods and admission tickets, perform music, distribute printed material and advertisements, and conduct collections in the building or on the grounds without the permission of GMG.
6. All of the areas and rooms in Gasteig are to be kept clean. The washrooms may not be used for other purposes.
7. It is not permitted to write on, paint on, or post bills on the structural elements of the building or the furnishings, or to move the structural elements or furnishings.
8. It is not permitted to consume food or drinks in the event auditoriums and spaces, as well as in the hallways and stairways. In the lobbies it is only permitted to consume food and beverages that have been purchased in the building.
9. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in Gasteig. If you must smoke, please use the designated smoking areas outside the building.
10. Seating is for visitors on a temporary basis. Seating in the lobbies is reserved for visitors to events one hour before the respective event begins. Sitting, lying, and sleeping on the floors is not permitted in the entire building, including in the stairways. This also applies to the outside areas, including the steps. It is not allowed to stand on or walk on handrails and guard railings.
11. Inline skating, skateboarding, and similar activities are not permitted in the building and on the grounds, and all types of vehicles are only allowed with prior permission from GMG. It is not permitted to ride bicycles. Bicycles should be parked in the bicycle stands provided, and other two-wheeled vehicles should be parked in the car park.
12. It is not allowed to take animals into the building; guide dogs are the only exception. In the areas outside the building dogs must be on a leash.
13. For safety reasons please never leave bags, luggage, and prams unattended.
14. It is only allowed to use the electrical outlets in Glashalle on the ground floor for private use. If you use one of the electrical outlets in this area, you must make sure the cables do not hinder other persons.
15. In the performance areas and auditoriums it is forbidden to use mobile telephones, smartphones, or other similar devices, as well as to take photographs, record films and videos, or make audio recordings without explicit permission.

III. Disturbing the peace

Serious violations of the House Rules and Regulations will fundamentally result in a caution, and severe cases will result in being immediately barred from being on the premises.

Serious violations include in particular possessing and consuming illegal drugs; consuming alcohol outside of the food and beverage service areas; carrying weapons and other dangerous objects; threatening and using physical violence; wanton damage to property; theft; being disorderly; abusing or insulting other persons; defiling or contaminating the inside or outside areas of the building; and panhandling.

Directions from the GMG staff and security staff must be followed. Infringements can lead to being barred from being on the premises. Whoever does not leave the grounds when asked to do so will be charged with trespassing.

Gasteig München GmbH

(Provisional) supplement to the general terms and conditions of Gasteig München GmbH due to the current Covid19 situation

With the purchase of a ticket, the following additional agreements are made:

- Visitors must wear a mouth and nose cover (hereinafter referred to as »mask«) inside the building. Masks must also be worn in the underground car park and  until further notice on your seat in the halls for the duration of the performance.

- A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained to persons not living in the same household.

- The lifts must only be used by one person or persons from the same household. When using the staircases, the minimum distance must also be observed.

- Access to the Philharmonic Hall is only via the main entrance of the Philharmonic Hall, not via the Glass Hall or Kellerstraße. All seating in the foyer of the Philharmonic Hall has been removed.

- Anyone who does not comply with the prescribed hygiene rules may be instructed to leave the event. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund.

- Disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrances. Half of the toilet cubicles will be locked to guarantee a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

- The cloakrooms are not open; all bags, coats etc. must be taken with you to your seat.

- The bars and restaurants are also closed.

- When purchasing a concert ticket, you must provide your name, address, email address and telephone number.