Gasteig München GmbH

The Gasteig München GmbH, under the leadership of the managing director Max Wagner, is the municipal operating company and legally responsible for the Gasteig. As a »daughter« of the City of Munich, the municipal service provider has essential management functions to fulfil. It is the main tenant of the entire building complex and has two core business areas:

Building management

Within the building management business section, the Gasteig München GmbH is responsible for the renting out of all the building parts. These were developed mainly for the various municipal institutions at the Gasteig. The roles of the Gasteig München GmbH are, for example, the facility management, the building and material administration or the maintenance and care of the building structure.

Event management

With a greater degree of freedom in the event management business section, the Gasteig München GmbH focuses on the renting out and use of the halls and foyer spaces. Strategies for long-term use and the occasional in-house events and co-productions are developed and realised. In particular, the acquisition and the technological and organisational support of guest events is an important task. Of course, the Gasteig München GmbH respects the priority use by its main municipal residents when planning dates; overall, the main goal is an optimum use of the hall capacities.

On November 18, 2008, the Gasteig München GmbH was awarded the »Münchner ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb 2007/2008« (the Munich eco-profit company). ÖKOPROFIT is a cooperation project between Munich companies, the Department of Labour and Economy, the Department of Health and Environment, the Munich waste management company and the Trade and Industry Association of Munich and Bavaria.


Companies that take part in this programme lower their operating costs in the long-term and reduce their environmental impact. They implement technological and organisational measures to save raw materials, water and energy and reduce waste and emissions. At the same time, they spread eco-awareness among the personnel in their organisation.

Environmental measures of the Gasteig München GmbH (examples)

Roof greening

An additional living space for plants and animals was created on roughly 5,000 sq m of Gasteig roof area. Green roofs also improve the inner city air quality. Since 2011, the Gasteig München GmbH has participated in the initiative »Deutschland summt« (Humming Germany). The project was initiated by the Umweltforum für Aktion und Zusammenarbeit (UfAZ e. V. – Environmental Forum for Action and Cooperation), which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of honey bees and wild bees. (More information)

Additional bicycle stands

The available bicycle stands were refurbished and expanded. This measure is intended to motivate visitors and employees to come to the Gasteig by bike.

Waste management

The Gasteig ensures the careful and correct use of the recycling system (e.g. plastic, metal and aluminium recycling). 

Energy saving

Pre-installed heat retention systems already improve the energy efficiency. The environmental aspects will continue to play an important role at the Gasteig. In 2011, the glass hall was refurbished with insulation glass with an increased heat retention function. In addition, the use of special glass on the windows will reduce the number of bird impacts.


Portraitfoto Max Wagner
Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Managing Director of the Gasteig München GmbH

Max Wagner

Supervisory board

Portraitfoto Max Wagner
Photo: Andreas Gregor

Chair of the supervisory board

Second mayor Katrin Habenschaden

Assistant Chairman of the supervisory board

Director of the Department of Arts and Culture Anton Biebl

Members of the supervisory board

Councillor Anja Berger
Councillor Beatrix Burkhardt
City treasurer Christoph Frey
General Staff Council Ursula Hofmann
Councillor Manuel Pretzl
Councillor Dr. Florian Roth
Councillor Klaus-Peter Rupp