Image shows book shelves at Hall E


Munich City Library

Information and Media Centre

While the Gasteig is being renovated, the Munich City Library is housed in the Gasteig HP8 and the Gasteig Motorama. Each of the two branches at the interim locations has their own thematic points of focus: music, lifelong learning and languages at Gasteig HP8, and family, gaming and digital learning at the Motorama.

Both branches are designed to be »Open Libraries«, i.e. they are open to the public every day of the week, even outside service hours – as a meeting place for learning, reading, working, exchanging ideas and perusing – from 7 AM until 11 PM, 7 days a week.

Stadtbibliothek im HP8 (City Library at HP8)

The »City Library at HP8« is in Hans-Preißinger-Straße in Sendling. In the listed Hall E – a former transformer hall made of red brick – you can browse library items, especially on the topics of music, language and lifelong learning. The HP8 works with an intuitive arrangement of its stock. Categories like Entertainment, Suspense, Music, Munich, Learning/knowledge, Life and Creativity offer new points of access to the library’s stock. Music enthusiasts can practice on electric pianos or embark on an acoustic journey in a sonic chair. In the MusikLab, musicians can record their own music. In the »GAiA Deli & News« reading café, visitors can peruse newspapers and magazines while enjoying their coffee. The children’s films in the Großes Kinderkino series and international films familiar from the Gasteig will be screened in the City Library in HP8.

You can find further information (in German) here.

Stadtbibliothek im Motorama (City Library in Gasteig Motorama)

 The »City Library in Gasteig Motorama« will open in November 2021 in the Motorama Ladenstadt shopping centre opposite the Gasteig. This library branch will have a focus on family, gaming and digital learning. An area of approximately 3600 square metres will house a large selection of books for children, young readers, young adults and senior citizens, as well as fiction, non-fiction and current newspapers and magazines. The stock at the Motorama is also arranged in an intuitive way: Categories like Entertainment, Suspense, Fantasy , Learning/knowledge, Life and Creativity offer new points of access to the library’s stock. Spread over the ground floor and first floor, there are also spaces for events and participatory activities, workstations and PCs. A special highlight will be the GameLab, where newbies and champions alike can compete on game consoles and experience robotics and virtual reality. As in the Gasteig, the Europa Informationszentrum München will have a presence here and be available for personal consultations on all aspects of the European Union.

Detailed information (in German) can be found here.