The Pixel

A space for Media, Culture and Participation

A new open space for the creative use of digital technology

In the shopping arcade in front of the Gasteig’s entrance, visitors could until last year be seen enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. All that changed on 12 April 2018: Now, this space is filled with people soldering and making things, streaming and programming. PIXEL is the name of the new space in the Gasteig in which people of all ages can practise their creative use of digital technology. In this »space for Media, Culture and Participation«, children and youngsters as well as adults can develop and build on their digital skills. As well as a meeting place, the new media laboratory in the Gasteig is a showcase for media culture in Munich.

You can find information on all events in the PIXEL at

From the concept sketch for the use of the former Philine by Interaktiv – the Munich media expertise network:

At this central, easily accessible location, an open meeting, event and presentation space for children, young people and senior citizens is to be created as a place for intergenerational dialogue. The focus is on creativity, participation and competence in the use of digital technology. Different people develop, communicate and together present current topics from the highly media-influenced world, The space functioning as an easily accessible venue for short events. It provides a free action area and showcase for the media culture of the city’s population.

Technical support and supervision for the laboratory is provided by Munich media expertise network Interaktiv, which unites a broad range of institutions with interdisciplinary as well as media and culture education expertise at the interface of culture, education and societal issues. A key element is the participation and appropriation of the space by different groups. Activities are curated by a committee that meets regularly and which, in addition to partners and representatives of the Gasteig, includes representatives from the target user groups.