Bild zeigt Orchester der Hochschule auf der Bühne der Isarphilharmonie

University of Music and Performing Arts

Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

The Munich University Symphonie Orchestra (HSO) plays in the Gasteig HP8 opening season © Severin Vogl

Music education at five locations

The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) is one of Europe’s most renowned and diverse centres of music, dance and theatre education. At the university’s five Munich locations, more than 1200 students are enrolled in about 100 degree programmes towards a wide range of artistic and educational professions. The teaching staff of around 500 include many with international reputations.

The Gasteig campus

Comprising 85 lecture and practice rooms, the Gasteig campus hosts mainly the faculties of Jazz, Historical Performance Practice, Folk Music, and Brass Instruments, with Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy, Cultural and Media Management and Music Journalism also being covered here.  In time for the 2022/23 winter semester, the HMTM’s Gasteig-based faculties will move into their new interim premises in »Building G« of Gasteig HP8.

»Gasteig HP8 is an inspiring new arts venue for Munich, and for our students. I am delighted that our students and teachers will soon be able to perform for the Sendling locals, in the process further deepening our close cooperation with our partners in the Gasteig. For the HMTM, this also marks the start of an extended journey of discovery in Sendling!« (Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann, President of the HMTM)

Free and low-price concerts

An important part of young artists’ education and training at the HMTM is the opportunity of performing in front of a live audience. In all, the university holds around 900 concerts a year throughout Munich. Of these, nearly 400 take place at the Gasteig – mostly in the Small Concert Hall, but also ins some of the other auditoriums. The HMTM’s Gasteig concerts take place mostly from Monday to Friday during term time, often including three performances a day: the Lunchtime Concerts at 1:15 PM, the Closing Time Concerts at 6 PM and the Studio Concerts at 8 PM. These concerts are generally performed by individual university classes and are free to attend.

Details of the current programme

The many events of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich are listed on the university website. The programme listing is usually updated daily. University events at the Gasteig are also included in the Gasteig’s monthly print programme and on its website.