New Coworking Space at the Gasteig: The OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT

New Coworking Space at the Gasteig: The OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT

MUCBOOK CLUBHAUS is breathing new life into the former »gast« restaurant. Users of the city library will be the first to get a taste of what the new coworking space has to offer.

True to its leitmotif »weniger Bussi, mehr Amore« (»less jet set, more amore«), city magazine and media house MUCBOOK and its newly founded label MUCBOOK CLUBHAUS have transformed the former »gast« restaurant into a coworking space and co-creation lab.

The aptly named OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT will occupy the space until the renovation of the Gasteig in the autumn of 2021. What makes MUCBOOK CLUBHAUS and its projects special is their concept of temporarily using empty premises in a creative urban context: the locations change but the concept remains the same.

»The current situation calls for creative solutions. Beside a breath of fresh air and new life, the OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT, as the name suggests, aims to create an optimistic outlook for the coming year,« says Gasteig Managing Director Max Wagner.

The Munich City Library has been in on the act from the very start. A popular hangout for students and freelancers, it has rented some of the space in the OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT to increase its capacity, which has been reduced through the coronavirus. Library users can use the coworking space free of charge. All they need is their library card.

With its positive and topical name, the OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT seeks to address creative pioneers. Its aim is to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing, encouraging discussion on important issues and shaping a future full of optimism. In additions to the indoor plants, the large space holds 50 corona-compliant workplaces. In summer, the space will expand to include the extensive terrace.

Here, you can find out more about the OPTIMISTIC ELEPHANT, MUCBOOK CLUBHAUS and MUCBOOK.

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